• How do I use my new TruFlame Smokeless Fireplace™? You simply place your fireplace on a stable area and pour 1/3 cup of isopropyl alcohol into the metal tray with the wool wick still in the tray. Use a long-range lighter to light the wool wick and enjoy the dancing flames!
  • What is the white cotton in the metal tray? Do I leave it in? Yes! The white "cotton" you will find in the metal tray of your TruFlame Smokeless Fireplace™ is WOOL WICK! This is needed for the isopropyl alcohol to soak into for the flame to ignite. Please do NOT take the wool wick out of the metal tray!
  • What is the black piece that came with my TruFlame Smokeless Fireplace™? That is our Snuffer! A snuffer is a device used to put out the flame from a safe distance by gently covering the reservoir. 
  • How do I know this is safe and won't produce soot on my walls? We proudly advertise that TruFlame Smokeless Fireplace™ will not produce carbon monoxide or put soot into your home. While some fuels produce carbon monoxide as a bi-product of burning, isopropyl alcohol does not. However, in the absence of enough oxygen ANY fuel (even a cigarette lighter) can begin to produce carbon monoxide and soot. This can occur for various reasons but most often in a tightly sealed space (which often contains an air exchanger). Knowing this we have always said that Truflame™ only be burned in a well-ventilated room; by, “well-ventilated” we mean the active exchange of air (thereby oxygen).
  • Is the glass going to burn me if I touch it? While our four sides of glass on the TruFlame Smokeless Fireplace™ are heat-resistant glass, we do NOT recommend touching the glass because it can get pretty warm!
  • How big is TruFlame Smokeless Fireplace™? The dimensions are 13.5" x 8" x 7.5" and weighs 6.2lbs